Looking Back - 1966 - Part II

  • Posted on: 23 December 2017
  • By: Ontario District Webmaster

By Waldo Redekop - Ontario District Historian

In the 1966 District Directory, the Quartet Promotion Committee is listed John Sutton and Jack Watson as the contacts, together with the 1965 Ontario District Quartet Champions, The Four-In-Accord. The members of the quartet were Tenor-Ken Buttery, Lead-Len Clement, Bari-Ken Brooks and Bass-Elmer Down (contact man).

In the 1966 directory there were 32 registered quartets listed. The quartets with the contact name were as follows.

Avonaires - Clare MacLachan
Air Force Four - Les Burrows
Bards of Harmony - Bill Hofstetter
Bob-O-Links - Robert Tole
Canadian Astronotes - Keith Dolson
Canadian Blendmen - Dwight Moffat
Canadian Chordsmen - George Shields
Canadian Southernaires - Malcolm Fletcher
Canadian Suburbanaires - Wheldon Emmerson
Chordial Four - Ronald Madill
Ev-Tones - Dr. Ed Johns
The Falcons - John Moore
The Fall Outs - Dave Smith
The Four Gents - George Moffatt
Four-in-Accord - Elmer Down
Gaylords - Gary Porteous
Hi-Liners - Bob Parker
Hometowners - Ed Russell
Laurentian-Aires - Lorne Scoville
London Marksmen - Byron Reid
Nighthawks - John Sutton
The Par Four - Ron Dorney
The Quartet - Jack Gordon
Rhthym Counts - Bob Bridgman
Scatterchords - Ralph King
Sportsmen - Bill Corbet
The Tomcats - Fred Exley
Trademarks - Roy Johnson
Twilighters - John Spence
The Wanderers - Jim Ramsey
Yorktones - Cliff Himes