Procedure for Mixed Quartets entering District Contests

With the growth of mixed quartet contests at District conventions and the need for these quartets to be registered members of the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association (MBHA) and have the ability to enter a District contest using the Barberscore entry process, the following process is to be followed.

Step 1: Register individual members and the quartet as members of MBHA

This can be simply done by going to the MBHA member page of the website  and go first to the online member registration form and then when all members have registered, go to the online ensemble registration form. MBHA fees will be collected in this process.

Step 2: After completing step 1, notify Barry Towner, ONT VP, Contest & Judging of your membership status. Information required is:

MBHA #:           
Quartet website or email address:           

Contact Person:

Postal/Zip Code:           
Email address:           

Quartet Members:

Part Name Email Address MBHA Number BHS Member / Associate Number

NOTE. If any member of the quartet was EVER a member or associate of BHS (even if not currently one) please indicate so and the BHS number if known

Step 3: Barry will arrange for quartet information to be added to Barberscore and notify you when it is in.

Step 4: When quartet information is in Barberscore, enter the contest using Barberscore . There is a tutorial for completing Barberscore.

Step 5: Congratulations, you are entered into the Ontario District Mixed Quartet Contest.