Show Clearance and SOCAN Forms


  1. All chapters are required to submit a request to the District Secretary for clearance of the proposed date of their annual CHAPTER SHOW, or any other local Barbershop Show which might attract patrons from across the District.
  2. The District Secretary, if clearance can be granted, will then send in writing the District Board’s approval of that Show date, or advise the Chapter President to process an alternate date request.
  3. To ensure clearance of your Chapter Show date it should be submitted as early as possible in the new year.  The District Secretary will make very attempt to clear your preferred Show date.

Adherence to these procedures will go a long way to prevent double bookings and/or date conflicts. Chapter cooperation with these procedures is anticipated and will be appreciated.

Show Clearance and SOCAN Application

The form below has been designed to be completed electronically. It is not intended to be printed and completed manually. The printed copy of this revised form SC/SL01 (November 2011) will not contain any blank lines to allow for handwritten information. You will be able to print a copy for your records after the form has been completed.


  1. Save the file on your computer
  2. Each area requiring information is highlighted in grey. The rest of the form cannot be modified.
  3. When you open the form the first field, Chapter Name, should be highlighted. Enter the information (no need to press Delete) then tab over to the next field.
  4. On some keyboards the “tab” key may only have a symbol like this on the left side of the keyboard, above the “Caps Lock” key. If you miss a field you can press tab repeatedly to move the cursor back to that location.
  5. Fill in all of the information in sections 1 and 2 – except the last row in item 2 which will be completed by the District Secretary.
  6. Send the completed form to the District Secretary via email. Once the show has been cleared the District Secretary will complete the final information in Section 2 and will return the file to you electronically.
  7. Once your show is done you will complete Sections 4 & 5 of the “Application for Show Clearance and SOCAN Licence” which will result in a calculation of the fee owing to SOCAN. By then you should have also completed the SOCAN Concert Logging Report detailing the songs performed on your show.
  8. Send the Show Clearance and SOCAN Licence form, along with the completed SOCAN Concert Logging Report and a cheque covering the calculated fee, to SOCAN in Toronto. The SOCAN address is included on both of the forms for your reference.
  9. Ensure that you keep a final copy of the Show Clearance form for your records.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the use of this form please contact the District Secretary at

Show Clearance

SOCAN Concert Logging