The Ontario District Artistic Show Program Award

The Grimsby Knights of Harmony are proud of the Artistic Show Program tl;1at has been produced for the past three years. This program is successful to the extent that the profit from this program represents a significant portion of the overall profit of the show. Inspired by the presentation of awards at District Convention, the Grimsby

Knights of Harmony hereby offer an "Ontario District Artistic Show Program A ward" to ­be awarded annually within the Ontario District Association of Chapters:


  • To encourage chapters in Ontario District to provide a high level of graphically pleasing artistic and informative programs to our audiences.
  • To provide a marketing vehicle for the chapter in their quest for public recognition and for membership recruitment. through highlighting chapter activities, history, community involvement, information about the performers on the show and wider focused projects such as H4S, YIH and Harmony Foundation.
  • To promote barbershop chapter awareness in the community through stories in the program featuring members in the chapter, chapter history, chapter community involvement and activities of the chapter in the community. The promotion of various chapter activities will heighten the awareness of the community to the involvement of barbers hoppers in the local community.
  • To create a tangible awareness and connection with the local business community through the sale of advertisement in the program and distribution of a high quality program to the local business community.
  • To create and connect with a fan base in the local community.

Criteria for the award:

The evaluation of the program should reward the inclusion of the following components:

  • Visible informative copy on every page to cause the reader to focus on each and every page of the program, thus encouraging the reader to be more attentive to the advertisements on each page.
    • Graphic artistry
    • Colour
    • Humour
  • Items presented in a creative and interesting manner, such as the following:
    • information on the songs we sing
    • chapter events
    • membership recruitment
    • fund raising events
    • background information on the story line for the show
    • information items consistent with the theme of the show
    • the background to the theme of the show
    • history of the chapter
    • promotion of relevant District initiatives such as H4S, HF-SING CANADA & YIH
  • Photographs and creative biographies of performers including the following:
    • Guest quartets and artists
    • Chapter members
    • Chorus director and leaders
  • Chorus members in small groups and/or individual “Kodak moments”. Promotion of chapter events, projects and community involvement
  • Advertising, an acknowledged income source, laid out in a highly visible and pleasant manner to highlight the chapter’s connection to the community while not overpowering the rest of the program by looking like a facsimile of the yellow pages in the telephone book.

Award: An annual award of a plaque.

  • The award to be presented in the spring to the individual member of the winning chapter who was principally responsible for the creation of the program layout.
  • The Grimsby Knights of Harmony volunteers to sponsor the award for the initial 10 years.
  • The Ontario District Association of Chapters board is to determine the panel of judges, the date for submission of the show programs and the time and location of the presentation of the award.
  • The award is to be known as “The Ontario District Artistic Show Program Award”.

Application Process:  Realizing that there are many very good show programs within the District, your chapter can apply by forwarding three copies to the District VP Communications by January 15th each year.  Your application must indicate who was primarily responsible for its creation and the roles that any other committee members played.