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Barbershopper of Renown Nomination Form

This award is normally presented each year to recognize outstanding contributions at both the Chapter and District levels.  A maximum of four may be presented annually at the fall convention. The award takes into account:
  • Chapter offices held and number of years
  • District offices held and number of years
  • International offices held and number of years
  • District committees
  • Contributions to barbershop music education
  • Music credits for chorus and quartet participation and leadership
  • District contest and International contest participation
  • Judging panel contributions
  • Honours and awards from outside the Society
Winners of this prestigious award are presented with a distinguished name badge which they are expected to wear (and will be proud to wear) at all District events and functions.
Nominations are to be submitted to the Awards Chairman by March 19th each year.  Please record below (without the Barbershopper’s knowledge) the name of the Barbershopper who, in your estimation, deserves this distinctive award and detail the nominee’s barbershopping history.
If you have any questions or would like to submit a document along with this nomination, they can be sent to Gerry Selkirk, Ontario District Awards Chairman, at dccentral@ontariosings.com.