Shaken Not Stirred To Hang Up Their Tuxedos After Barrie Chapter Show

  • Posted on: 6 September 2017
  • By: Ontario District Webmaster

After nearly 10 years of entertaining and competing across Canada and the USA, Shaken Not Stirred will perform for the last time Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at the annual Barrie County Chordsmen show.

What started as a bit of an experiment - with two leads (Brad Brown and Dave Rozycki) and two basses (Rob Lamont and Bill Wells), all from the Barrie area - quickly became a quartet to be reckoned with when they placed 2nd at the District Quartet Competition in their first time out. This was followed by an Ontario District Quartet Championship in 2010, and a trip to the International stage in 2013 at the Air Canada Centre.

Known for their humour and solid singing, as well as their classic white dinner jackets and spectator shoes, the boys have performed in just about every chapter in the Ontario District. Who can forget their “Egyptian Package” with Bill singing from inside a sarcophagus, or their “Crazy Man” package that took the Air Canada Centre by storm (is Brad really crazy?).

Paid performances, including Ontario District chapters, Calgary, Saskatoon, Montreal, and the Northwest USA, were augmented by numerous appearances at charitable events, weddings and birthdays. These boys love to sing, and they spread the barbershop style across Ontario for the better part of a decade. "On behalf of Shaken Not Stirred, I'd like to thank the Ontario District for their many years of support" says bass Rob Lamont. 

Relive some of the quartet's highlights in the pictures and videos below, and head up to Barrie on September 23rd and catch the final act for one of Ontario’s most entertaining quartets - Shaken Not Stirred.





Photos by Ash Murrell and Lorin May