Looking Back - 1964 - Part II

  • Posted on: 23 August 2017
  • By: Ontario District Webmaster

By Waldo Redekop - Ontario District Historian

I had prepared a series of articles for our editor, Michael Black, about Ontario District’s history. Numerous people asked me when I was going to continue (actually it likely was only four but my memory is not what it once was) and I told them I was looking for a 1963 directory to continue. Various people said they had one and would loan it to me but it appears they never found their copy. One fellow had a 1961 directory which I don’t have and he said he would loan that to me. He also had 1962 and 1964 but no 1963 directory. I guess I had better send him another email to remind him about the 1961 directory.

I started with the 1962 district directory but could not find a 1963 directory. Nothing important seems to have happened that year other than the Ontario District hosted the International Convention so I will carry on with 1964. In 1964, the district president was Harry Holle. There is a Barbershopper of the Year trophy named after him that I was fortunate enough to have awarded to me one year. The immediate past president was Ed McKay, the district secretary was David Litwiller, and the district treasurer was Jack Haughie.

Fascinating to see the pictures beside the names of Barbershoppers who are still singing and were also active 53 years ago, although I had a hard time recognizing them. Elmer Down of Tri-City Slickers fame who still sings with the Tri-City Gospel Chorus that I also sing in was the vice-president of the Metro Division that year. 

There was a page of Jewellery – Stationery Supplies – Records. The recordings of the 1960-1963 Chorus Winners and Top Ten Quartets were available on records for $3.50 for mono and $4.50 for stereo. You had to add Ontario Sales Tax to your order as well as 25 cents for handling. I have some of these records in my collection.
We also had six Internationally Certified Judges in the Ontario District.

  • John Cameron - London - Stage Presence
  • Gerry Carne - Woodstock - Voice Expression
  • Hilton Howe - Toronto - Secretary & Timer
  • Maynard Margison - London - Balance & Blend
  • George Marks - Toronto - Secretary & Timer
  • Jim Turner - London - Harmony Accuracy

The category names have changed considerably and the Toronto Chapter was the original Toronto Chapter, not the current Northern Lights. I recall having an inter-chapter visit with them  when I sang with Oakville and they served some delicious soup on the break. Being new to barbershopping, I always thought that was a great thing to do especially since I worked in Toronto, lived where we still live (which was over an hour away) and had about an hours drive to get to chorus. Sometimes supper was missed and this just hit the spot. Just proved to me that there is a lot more to barbershopping than only singing.