Looking Back - 1962 - Part III

  • Posted on: 19 June 2017
  • By: Ontario District Webmaster

By Waldo Redekop - Ontario District Historian

I thought that I would give you a little more information about the way we were 55-years ago in 1962.

District President was Ed McKay who lived in Scarboro. His occupation is listed as Merchandise Controller-Simpson-Sears Company. He was the baritone in the quartet The Canadian Clippers.

Immediate Past President was Ross S. Schott who lived in London. He worked for the Supertest Petroleum Company.

Our International Board Member was Hugh R. Palmer who lived in Orillia. He was a sales representative for Mutual Life Assurance Co. and had been the founder and president of the Orillia Chapter from 1951-56 as well as the founder of the Fern Cottage Harmony Weekend (which I understand was quite a weekend to attend, and I think this is what evolved into C.O.T.S. eventually).

The District Secretary was Elmer Down (still actively singing) who lived in Oshawa. He was a salesman for Canada Bread Co. Ltd and was the bass in Four-in-Accord.

The Treasurer was S.B. (Sid) Pyper who lived in Burlington and was the Central Office Foreman for the Bell Telephone Company. This was his sixth year as district treasurer.

The First Vice President was Harry Holle (I believe there is a trophy named after him) who lived in Waterloo. He was a partner in Armet Galt Branch Co. and was the baritone in The Twin Tones.

Vice President of the Western Division was Wm. (Bill) Adams who lived in Watford. He was employed in the Plastics Division of Dow Chemical of Canada and was also a farmer.

Vice President of the Metro Northern Division was Harold G. (Haddy) Langstaff of Orillia. He worked for the Federal Government in Security.

Vice President of the Central Division was W. Keron MacPherson who lived in Mount Pleasant. He was the owner and operator of Pleasant Acres Tobacco Farm as well as Clock Room Manager of the Tobacco Auction Exchange in Delhi. Keron was the bass in the quartet Scatterchords.

Vice President of Eastern Division was Jimmy Jenkins who lived in Ottawa. He was an Aircraft Engineer and private pilot.

Editor-In-Chief of the Northern Hi-Lites (the publication that became The Trillium) was Gord Leon who lived in Kitchener. He was a professional photographer for Grand Valley Studios.

Chief Area Counselor was Frank Reavley who lived in St.Catharines. Frank was a purchasing agent for Conroy Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

In 1962, the Spring Convention was held on April 27, 28, 29 at the Memorial Auditorium in Kitchener and was titled Conestoga Convention. The chairman was Gord Leon and the Registration Chairman was Cal Simpson (a name familiar to many of us).

The 1962 Fall Convention was titled the Scarborough Convention and was held in the Royal York Hotel on November 2, 3, 4. The convention chairman was Ted Ott.

There is a lot more interesting information in this directory. You could have purchased Barbershop Records by Decca. The Hi-Fi records cost $3.50 and the Stereo records cost $4.50. But then, when I think back to that time and remember how little I was making a year, $4.50 was a lot of money. I do have a number of those old records. I wonder if I would have invested the money I spent, would I be any richer today? Probably not!