Dragging Our Quartet Through The Mud Again

  • Posted on: 6 June 2017
  • By: James Essex-McIntyre

We're at it again!  Perpetual Emotion is doing the foam fest run again to help raise funds and awareness for Sing Canada Harmony.

This year, two things are different. Firstly, we are dedicating this run and all funds raised to our district's dear departed friend Andrew Shackleton. Secondly, it is our intent to do the 10k run this year, doubling the distance, obstacles and mud in hopes of doubling our event's success. 

As an added incentive, right now, Canada Helps is having a promotion whereby every dollar donated gives one chance at a 10,000$ extra donation to SCH!

Please help us make this a big success either by donating or spreading the word!


Thank you!

Perpetual Emotion Quartet