Convention Updates

  • Posted on: 25 October 2017
  • By: Ontario District Webmaster


It's convention, the most wonderful weekend of the year! To help you stay on top of things, we've compiled everything you might need this weekend onto one page. You'll also be able to find updates about weekend results as they occur. Want to stay even more "in the action"? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or use the hashtag #BHSONT.


Singing Order for Saturday Night

Mic testers: Perpetual Emotion

1. PAGE 4
2. Supertonic
3. The Aristocrats
4. #WACD
5. Right Swipes
6. Post It
7. The After Party
8. C-Suite
9. FourTune
10. Eclipse

Novice Quartet Champions: Perpetual Emotion


Chorus Contest Results

  • 2018 Ontario District International Chorus Representatives: Hamiton Harbourtown Sound
  • Plateau 2 Winners: Barrie County Chordsmen
  • Plateau 3 Winners: Middlesex Centre Forest City Fire
  • Plateau 4 Winners: Hamilton Harbourtown Sound
  • Most Improved Chorus: Barrie County Chordsmen
  • Chorus Encouragement Award: Strathroy Vocal Federation
  • Mixed Chorus Champion: Baldwin Blend

Finals Results

  • 2017 Ontario District Champions: Supertonic - 77.2 2.
  • The Aristocrats - 76.5 3.
  • Eclipse - 72.0
  • Seniors Quartet International Representatives: C Suite