Waldo Redekop Most Improved Bulletin Editor Award

An award intended for bulletin editor’s to encourage them to keep editing and entering the Bulletin Editor of The Year (BETY) competitions. This award is for the most improved editor from one BETY contest to the following.  A keeper plaque will be supplied by the district to the editor who wins and his name, the name of the bulletin and chapter will be engraved on a plaque on the travelling trophy.

It will be given annually to the editor who had entered the contest one year and then the following year also. The editor who improves by the greatest number of positions in the final marks will be the winner. If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by the editor who improved by the greatest number of points. If there still is a tie, it will be broken based on the largest increase in the content category. If still tied, then the grammar and style category will be used.  If still tied, then the layout and reproduction category will be used to break the tie. If still tied, there will be co-winners. If only one editor is eligible to win, since he was the only one who had entered the BETY the year before, he will need to improve his score over the previous year to be eligible to win.

If an editor enters one year, does not enter the next year and then enters the following year, his scores from two years ago will not be counted as he has to enter each year. If an editor takes over the chapter bulletin and enters it and the previous editor had entered the chapter bulletin the year before, the new editor will have to enter the following year also before he is eligible to win since he had not entered previously and the work of the previous editor will not count in the present contest.

Year Recipient Chapter
2007 Wayne Whittaker Barrie
2006 Clayton Cober Mount Forest
2005 Serge Tremblay & Rod Mills Guelph
2004 Serge Tremblay & Rod Mills Guelph
2002 Tom Hare East York
1999 Doug McLellan Grimsby
1998 Doug McLellan Grimsby