Larry Dale Coach of the Year Award

The Larry Dale Coach of the Year Award is given annually at the Spring Convention to an individual member of the Ontario District, who has shown outstanding musical talent in coaching District quartets/choruses and who has done so in an unselfish and unassuming manner.


Nominations are to be sent to the District V.P of Music and Performance by March 15th.


The District VP - Music and Performance is responsible for administering this award.  He will ensure that the Selection committee receives all nominations, meets, and communicates its decision to the District Awards Chairman in a timely fashion.
The Larry Dale Award Selection Committee consists of the previous Larry Dale Award winners.  The most recent available winner will be the chair.  They will receive the nomination submissions from the VP-M & P, adjudicate them, and choose the winner in a timely fashion.  The chairman will report to the VP-M&P that they have met, made a decision, and sent the name to the District Awards Chairman.


Only one Larry Dale Award will be given in any one year.
It is entirely possible that the Larry Dale Award may not be given every consecutive year. 
A member can only win this award once.
2017 Jeff Taylor
2016 -
2015 Al Baker
2014 Steven Armstrong
2013 Patrick Brown
2012 -
2011 -
2010 -
2009 -
2008 Jordan Travis
2007 David Campbell
2006 Bill Vermue
2005 Paul Tamblyn
2004 Ken Fisher
2003 -
2002 -
2001 Chris Arnold
2000 Al Forshaw
1999 Barry Stringer
1998 Dave McEachern
1997 -
1996 -
1995 Barry Towner
1994 Dave Carr
1993 Paul Goodwin