Jim Smith Bulletin Editor of the Year Award

An award intended for bulletin editors to encourage them to keep editing and entering the Bulletin Editor of the Year (BETY) competitions. This award is given to the editor who places first in the Bulletin Editor of the Year contest. The editor's name, the name of the bulletin and the chapter name will be engraved on the traveling trophy. The editor will also receive a plaque for placing first in the BETY contest.

The Bulletin Editor of The Year (BETY) contest is intended to encourage editor's to try and improve their chapter bulletins and communications within the chapter by entering their bulletins each year into a contest. The contest is a district contest, however, the judges and time lines are supplied by the Association of Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors (PROBE). Each fall, the Ontario District PROBE contact shall notify the editor's via The Trillium and/or e-mail about the requirements and deadlines for entering.

To be eligible for the BETY contest, an editor must have published twelve months of publications. The issues can either be bi-monthly, monthly, or weekly. If monthly or bi-monthly, six sets of three consecutive issues shall be submitted. If weekly, six sets of twelve consecutive issues shall be submitted.

They will be judged by certified PROBE judges in three categories, Content, Layout & Reproduction and Grammar. The editors will have their marked entries returned to them by the Ontario District PROBE contact, along with·a critique. The results will be announced at the Ontario District Spring Convention. The top three editors will each be awarded a plaque with their name, the bulletin's name and the chapter, as well as· first, second or third ranking.

If an editor does not publish enough issues to be eligible for the contest due to his having started during the year, he may enter the contest "For Critique Only" and receive a critique of his work with valuable suggestions. If these entries are scored, the marks shall not be published as they do not count in this contest but the entries are for encouragement only.

The two top scoring bulletins whose editors are members of PROBE will be entered into the International Bulletin Contest (IBC). These results will be announced at the Barbershop Harmony Society International Contest in July.

Year Recipient Chapter
2017 Ken Dodge London
2014 Alan Rivers Barrie
2013 Alan Rivers Barrie
2009 Pat Moauro London
2008 Lloyd Robinson Oakville
2007 Wayne Whittaker Barrie
2006 Wayne Whittaker Barrie
2005 Serrge Tremblay, Rod Mills Guelph
2004 Peter Chrisomalis Peterborough
2003 Paul Cowley London
2002 Doug McLellan Grimsby
2001 Waldo Redekop Guelph
2000 Waldo Redekop Guelph
1999 Doug McLellan Grimsby
1998 Robert J. Welter Oakville
1997 R. J. Welter Oakville
1996 Paul Sheppard Brockville
1995 Greg Goodall Oshawa
1994 Greg Goodall Oshawa
1993 Greg Goodall Oshawa
1992 Waldo Redekop Oakville
1991 Robby Robinson Oshawa
1990 Robby Robinson Oshawa
1989 Robby Robinson Oshawa
1988 Waldo Redekop Oakville
1987 Victor Mazar Guelph
1986 Victor Mazar Guelph
1985 Robert J. Brown Cataraqui
1984 Murray Burgess Oshawa
1983 Owen Slocombe Guelph
1982 Owen Slocombe Guelph
1981 Wayne Bowman East York
1980 Howard Greenly London
1979 Art Cook Etobicoke
1978 Cam Black Markham