Directions, Parking and Accommodations

NOTE: Many hotels are listed as full if you are booking online because they are holding rooms for our event. Rooms are still available by calling the hotel and saying you are with the convention.

Headquarters Hotel

Best Western
19 Holiday Drive, Brantford
All rooms booked - no rooms available as of Sept 20
120 rooms booked  
Rates:  1 - 4 persons per room
  • Traditional: 2 double beds -  $119.99/night
  • Traditional: Queen or King w/pull out - $119.99/night
  • Suite: 2 queen beds w/fireplace &w/pull out - $139.99/night
  • Suite: King bed w/pull out - $139.99/night
  • Luxury suite w/whirlpool & fireplace - $139.99/night

Function rooms at the Best Western are available to rent for rehearsal and/or hospitality space. Click this link for a document with room rates. Any bar and/or food in these rooms must be run through the hotel.

Directions to Best Western Brantford Hotel And Conference Centre:

Secondary hotels:

Days Inn Brantford
460 Fairview Drive
20 rooms booked               
Seven rooms remaining as of Sept 20
  • 2 double beds - 1 or 2 people - $ 97.99/nite
  • 3 people - $107.99/nite
  • 4 people - $117.99/nite    
Comfort Inn
58 King George Rd. Brantford
50 rooms booked
Twenty rooms remaining as of Sept 20
  • 2 double beds - single or double - $119.99/nite
  • Queen               - single or double - $119.99/nite

Contest Site

Directions to The Sanderson Centre - 88 Dalhousie St, Brantford, ON N3T 2J2


The best and closest parking lot to the contest venue is Municipal Lot #3, located on Darling Street between Market Street and Queen Street. It gives the patrons direct access to the north entrance to the Sanderson Centre. An alternate location is Municipal Lot #4 located on Dalhousie at King Street. Parking cost is $1.00 per hour during the day (8:00am to 6:00pm). After 6:00pm, the cost is $1.00 for the whole evening.